As the Production Designer, My team and I were tasked with developing and creating a brand new immersive experience based on the Kung Fu Panda franchise for the seasonal Lunar New Year event. Within this role, I was responsible for all creative decisions pertaining to the event which includes the overall design, scenic, graphics, and a one of a kind puppet made by the Jim Henson Company. 

As the assistant Production Designer and in field Art Director, I had the fun opportunity to design, create and build a one of a kind pop-up book for our "Story Time with Cindy Lou Who." As a team, we wanted to make our story time a bit more intimate and interactive. We came up with the idea to create an oversized pop-up book to help tell the story of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." I tried to identify multiple cues within the story where we could utilize the book to help tell the narrative. With multiple pop-ups and hidden features, this story really popped out of the book. 

These images show various graphics with color call outs as well as the overall graphic design package used to communicate to our graphic vendors. Many of our graphics used during our Lunar New Year event were hand painted to keep with the overall design and feel of the event. The communication and clear direction with our vendors was important to keep the overall project running smooth.  

One of the most interesting parts of this design was the ability to make the boats ride around the hat. One of the rules in the contest was to not use any sort of electronics so I had to creatively think of a way to create movement without using any servo motors. I ended up recycling an old Christmas snow globe and took the rotating gear system out and built it into the hat. I was also able to find the right music box to play the iconic "Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me" while sailing around the hat. 

These images show another fun project I had the opportunity to design. As a team, we wanted to develop a photo opportunity that is unique, fun and could give our guests a chance to be apart of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." We developed the idea were you are put on the back of the Grinch's runaway sleigh where you hold on for a wild ride. After taking the picture, it is your turn to make the magic by a simple click, flip, and crop which is then posted!

Company: Universal Studios, Hollywood
Role: Production Designer - Art Director

As a Production Designer for Halloween Horror Nights, my focus was to create elevation renderings, color books, and graphics to communicate our design intent to scenic vendors, lighting and our prop department.. Once the design phase was complete, I transitioned to an In-field Art director to communicate to construction, scenic vendors and the prop department. Here are a few images that show my design processes from elevation renderings to their final construction and scenic treatment.

This was one of my favorite projects to date. The D23 Expo put on a Design Challenge where you had to create an art piece celebrating the 50th Anniversary for the Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction. Seeing how this is one of my favorite and inspirational attractions to me I knew I had to give it a go. I decided to design and develop a "Retired Pirate Mickey Ear Hat," with some fun features built in. I took the classic Mickey Ear hat idea and geared it not to a character but to the iconic scene in the attraction where the retired pirate is sitting atop his pile of gold.

In order to bring this event to life, I worked along side numerous departments within the company as well as outside contractors. These images illustrate how I was able to communicate my overall design of the project to the many different departments and disciplines such as scenic vendors, props, lighting and the Jim Henson Company.  

These images show various works of drafting, color call out books, as well as the overall design package with full Sketch-Up model.

Company: The Walt Disney Company
D23 Expo Design Challenge - Grand Prize Winner

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These images show some of my graphic design responsibilities for Halloween Horror Nights. 

I created various graphics scaling from full wall scrim graphics, floor treatments, banners, poster and labels for fictional products.

I was also responsible for creating, handling distributing all CNC files to the appropriate vendors for construction and installation.

Company: Universal Studios, Hollywood
Role: Assistant Production Designer - Art Director

Company: Universal Studios, Hollywood
Role: Production Designer